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How Long Does It Take to Read Popular Books?

Going by the average reading rate of most adults (300 words per minute), Personal Creations mocked up this infographic to put some of literature’s most popular works into perspective.

Via Electric Lit.

(via fakecuddling)

antoine-triplett replied to your post: I have returned from the land of tea a…

Ah! I was in London from the 12th to the 15th! Whereabouts did you go in England?

That’s when I was in Scotland!  :-)

We saw all the touristy things in London: Victoria & Albert, the British Library, the Tower of London, the Sherlock Holmes museum.  Went shopping at Harrods and Fortnum & Mason’s, too. 

Does this mean you're willing to do afternoon tea outings now, or was that a "what I drank in the UK stays in the UK" kinda thing? :)
dettiot dettiot Said:

LOL.  If that was the case, not only tea would be staying in the UK—I also discovered I really like cider, too.  So yes, afternoon tea outings are definitely in the cards for the future!  :-)

Sadly, had no crumpets.  But I did have a lot of tea!  And England and Scotland were both awesome places and everyone should visit them.  [nods]

In other good/interesting news, while I didn’t write as much as I hoped I would, I DID manage to write some and I feel like I’m cracking open Finding Home.  So I have hopes of being able to really focus on it and get it done!

[pauses for the obligatory Kermit!flail, because you don’t know how much I want to write this story and yet, with no inspiration, no writing can happen]

I’ll keep y’all posted as things develop.  Hope everyone’s doing well!

Looking for Nessie … #uktrip #lochness

The Ness Bridge from Inverness Castle. #uktrip

Inverness! #uktrip

The ruins of Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh. #uktrip

The White Tower at the Tower of London. #uktrip

Big Ben! #uktrip